About the Book-mo-Bike

Kitchener Bikefest 2017

Kitchener Bikefest 2017



This summer, KW Book-mo-bike will be making its way around Kitchener-Waterloo, giving away donated books. Later this fall, it will available for loan for activities related to literacy, cycling or the arts.

Example Uses: facilitate a neighbourhood book exchange, distribute locally made books/zines/albums, or hold supporting material for pop-up events like author readings, poetry slams, storytelling, or live music. 

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KW Book-mo-Bike was built by Haley Trikes and can carry up to 260 pounds of books. The trike is geared down so it's easier to get moving for less experienced cyclists, and has two independent front brakes, a rear coaster brake and double parking brakes. Full fenders will keep you dry during rainy weather. A helmet, safety vest, bell, secure locking system and removable lights are provided. A battery-operated sound system is also available for performers. 

The storage crate opens up to display books, with bookends on each of the side tables and a large adjustable shelf inside the box. The floor of the trike can also be filled with books, resulting in three levels of book display.